Urban Cycling Messenger Bag Grey


One of a kind, this messenger bag is modelled after our professional bicycle messenger bags in style and construction.

Sling it over across your chest for a casual carryall, or snug it on your back for a secure, weatherproof
way to carry your daily needs. Grey, gold and white Jessica Jones "Outside Oslo - Frond" print cotton canvas exterior, pink Supplex® nylon interior over 14 oz. TPU waterproof layer.

Outer and interior pockets keep smaller easy to find, while the roomy 12″x10″x6″ interior can handle a surprising amount of cargo, 12L capacity. So you can carry your tablet or laptop, sweater and lunch, and still have room for a few groceries on your way home.

A comfortable 2" wide nylon seatbelt webbing main strap with one-hand durable plastic buckle holds the bag securely wherever you put it.

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